Faces of Equity

Most Americans believe that equity in education is important, but they may not know exactly what it looks like or how it can be achieved. Laws and government budgets play an important role in educational equity, but it is shaped largely by the personal relationships that educators forge with students every day. As students of color have recently become the majority in our public school classrooms, and the teaching force remains largely Caucasian, teachers are likelier than ever to support students from cultural and linguistic backgrounds very different from their own. Partners in School Innovation works to improve teacher-student connections to ensure that all children in our partner schools receive the attention and support they deserve. The key is culturally responsive teaching and learning, which builds on the assets that students bring to school and situates instruction in students’ experiences and frames of reference. Faces of Equity is a Partners in School Innovation photoblog that captures images of teachers, principals, and our organization’s School Innovation Partners doing on-the-ground equity work and helping transform under-performing schools and districts. Throughout the school year, Partners will showcase educators, practitioners and supporters who are doing their part to help bring about equity in education across the country so that all students, regardless of background, can thrive. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to receive updates from this campaign, as well as timely news and information from Partners. Faces of Equity

Shannon Sweet, School Innovation Partner
Monique Gascón Filler, Program Development and Support Director, Alum Rock, CA

Hanna Asrat, School Innovation Partner, Alum Rock
Judy Bigelow, Executive Director, Fordham Street Foundation

Jose Manzo, Superintendent, Oak Grove School District, San Jose, CA
Deanna Rolffs, Director of School Transformation, Grand Rapids

Kimberly Parker Devauld, Interim Superintendent, Battle Creek Public Schools, Michigan
Jesse Hinueber

Richard Curci, Former Principal, Everett Middle School, San Francisco Unified School District
Rene Sanchez, Former Principal, Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Sarah Wright, M.Ed.
Nneka Daniels, Principal, Battle Creek Public Schools

Nora Guerra, Director of Educational Innovation and Development, Oak Grove School District
Gina Dalma, Special Adviser to the CEO, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Jennifer Sierra
David Cohen, Principal, School District of Philadelphia

Michael Essien, Principal, San Francisco Unified School District

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Being a partner school felt overwhelming in the beginning because I misunderstood the purpose of the support. The support is not about what Partners wants. The support is all about what I want as an instructional leader.

Principal, Franklin,
Battle Creek Public Schools