Partners in School Innovation will begin working with the Gilroy Public School District of California in the 2016-17 school year. Further announcements of our engagement will be announced in the coming months.


For more information about working with Partners in California, please contact Derek Mitchell at 415.824.6196 or send us an email.

In one of the poorest school districts, in one of the poorest schools within the district, Partners has changed us. They’ve changed us in a way where we’re now looking at data, we’re now looking at numbers, we’re setting goals weekly, monthly, yearly out to five years. So we know where we want to be. We’re now able to look into the future and say “this is where our goals are,” and backwards plan to map it and make sure we’re meeting the goals along the way. It’s a major shift, a major change. Come and look at us in five years and you’ll see a new place.

David Cohen

Principal, School District of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania