CEO’s Corner: Partnerships & New Opportunities in FY21-22

We kicked off our new fiscal year on August 1, 2021 and are continuing to grow our footprint in California and the Mid-Atlantic by supporting twelve school districts in California and seven separate contracts with the School District of Philadelphia. As part of this work, we also have a few new partnership opportunities in 2021-22 that we are very excited about. 

Strategic Support 

  • West Contra Costa Unified School District 
  • Santa Clara Unified School District 
  • Sausalito Marin City School District 
  • Milpitas School District 
  • San Francisco Unified School District 
  • Oakland Unified School District 
  • School District of Philadelphia 
  • Battle Creek Public Schools 
  • Hewlett Network

Success Network (Gates Cohort 1) - Philadelphia

  • School District of Philadelphia

Middle Grades Success Network (Gates Cohort 2) - Philadelphia 

  • School District of Philadelphia 

Middle Grades Impact Team Network (Gates Cohort 2) - Bay Area, CA

  • Berryessa Unified School District 
  • Evergreen School District
  • Franklin-McKinley School District
  • Oak Grove School District - note, also receiving some strategic support at district level 
  • Mount Pleasant Elementary School District

Middle Grades Math Network (Gates Cohort 3) - Los Angeles, CA

  • Los Angeles Unified School District 

Partners has teamed up with the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to support six school districts in addressing district transformation through any combination of five problems of practice -- family engagement, district systems of support, teacher professional learning, student voice, and equity. The six districts are located throughout the United States and include Hemet and West Contra Costa in California; Akron and Cleveland in Ohio; Jackson, Mississippi; and Baltimore, Maryland.

We are also excited for the opportunity to work with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) as part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Networks for School Improvement initiative (Cohort 3). This cohort will support eight schools serving middle grades students in the west and south regions of Los Angeles and will focus on boosting the academic performance of Black students, an area where the district is particularly lagging.

In addition, Partners will partner with Oakland Unified School District and their recently developed task force charged with learning the best practices in reparative support for Black students and executing those in Oakland. Partners' role will be to collaborate with district and task force leaders to develop an African American Student Success Scorecard and support the planning and facilitation of the task force meetings. We will also bring to the table the experience of other districts and cities (e.g., Evanston, IL and Asheville, NC) undertaking the work of providing Black families with reparations to inform the work in Oakland. Lastly, Partners will document the entire process to produce a playbook that can be used by other districts interested in taking this approach.

Lastly, our new partnership with Battle Creek Public Schools in Battle Creek, MI will focus on coaching at the district level. Partners will provide coaching and professional learning support for district coaches and their supervisors that deepens their coaching skill set and data-driven improvement culture to ensure equitable impact (attending to the relational and technical aspects of coaching within the district system). Additionally, we will support the refinement of STAR visits through engaging with key stakeholders and updating processes to ensure the visits are purposeful and powerful.