CEO’s Message

As part of the visioning work that Partners has engaged in over the last year, we have thought a lot about the importance of ensuring schools are centers for health and wellness. Our aspiration is that schools are transformed into lively, loving, learning communities.

When we say “lively,” we want them to be spaces where students are not simply sitting in classroom seats but are instead powerfully engaged with ideas, excited by what they are learning and working in collaboration with peers to master key concepts and skill every day. When we refer to “loving,” we believe schools should be communities that respect and inspire teachers, students, and families by loving their whole selves, and valuing caring relationships. When we say “learning,” we envision schools being a space where everyone involved owns their roles as learners in the space and not only students. That rigorous and culturally respectful learning is valuable for everyone, making it possible to make mistakes, take risks and support one another’s growth.

As we continue this school year, we are cautiously optimistic that the worst of the pandemic is behind us. We hope the 2022-23 school year will be more “normal,” but we also aspire to a new normal. A normal where the voices of parents and students are meaningfully engaged, and models with proven technologies will become part of business as usual. 

As we move forward in this work, Partners is also taking steps to determine what our new normal looks like as an organization so we can emerge from this pandemic better equipped to serve the communities that need our support. I encourage you to continue to follow our progress and thank you for braving this challenging work with us.