Our Vision for the Future

During the past two years, Partners has embarked on a project with the ultimate goal of crafting a new 5-7 year vision in order to have a greater impact on improving outcomes for low-income students of color post COVID. After interviews with multiple key stakeholders (e.g., key reformers, allies, supporters, district partners) and several feedback sessions with our staff and board members, we recognize the next phase of Partners life must be about catalyzing a movement to produce the kinds of cultures in schools that create and sustain a deep well of respect for community, love of children and momentum for improvement.

To create more of these lively, loving, learning communities, we must develop Results Oriented Change Agents (ROCAs) capable of establishing and maintaining such communities in collaboration with others, share the stories of those we have learned from over the last 20+ years to create inspiration and belief in what is possible, and expand the reach of our knowledge so those who prepare the teachers and leaders for our schools can be influenced by what we have learned.

In December 2021, our board came to a consensus around the following long term goals for the next 5-7 years. These include:  

  1. Partners has strong evidence that Partners’ work produces equitable and sustained results.
  2. Partners is recognized as the top national leader in achieving equitable results.
  3. Partners is developing effective, empowered, and respected leaders for school transformation at every level of the system -- pre-school, K-12, district, region, etc.
  4. Partners has a business model at the scale needed to achieve sustainable organizational success.

Our next steps in this process are to ask our constituents if they feel these are the right goals for us in moving forward and then put together a strategic plan in Summer/Fall of 2022.