Book by Partners Alumni Helps School Leaders Create Identity Safe Schools


Former Partners client Becki Cohn-Vargas and former Partners team member Alexandrea Creer Kahn have teamed up with Amy Epstein and Kathe Gogolewski to write Belonging and Inclusion in Identify Safe Schools: A Guide for Educational Leaders. The guide can be seen as the third in a series of books dedicated to identity safe schools, with the previous two books aimed at teachers. Here's how the authors summarize the latest volume:

"Students of all backgrounds reach their full potential when they feel belonging and inclusion. When their social identities are valued as assets rather than barriers to learning, they flourish. This guide provides evidence-based strategies that support you as a leader in creating an environment that promotes identity safe students who experience a challenging curriculum that respects their diverse social identities. The first two books focus on identity safe teaching strategies in the classroom. The guide helps leaders develop schoolwide policies, practices, and partnerships that support identity safety and belonging for each student."

You can purchase the book in several ways, including ordering it through Corwin (the publisher) or Amazon.