Our support for schools and districts can be delivered through one of three models: Intensive, Transformation Network, and Problem of Practice Network. Below, we describe the Transformation Network model.

In order to build momentum for lasting systemic improvement, schools and district offices must develop a critical mass of change agents. Our Transformation Networks develop the capacity of educators to lead their own school transformation efforts. Each school in the network fields a small team of administrators, coaches, and teachers to learn Partners’ approach to transformation. The network meets monthly and focuses on four areas — leadership, adult learning, change management, and educational equity. Between monthly sessions, school team members receive on-site, tailored coaching to help put their learnings into action. This coaching comes in one of two levels, depending on need — either Targeted, consisting of 1.5 to 2 days per week of support, or Intensive, consisting of 3.5 days per week of support.

A major goal of Transformation Networks is to develop participants as change agents — individuals equipped with the knowledge, mindsets, and tools to create more equitable schools. To learn how we have helped educators become change agents in Oak Grove School District in San Jose, California, please read Transformation Network: A Case Study