Allie DeRosa

Senior Improvement Partner

After graduating from Bucknell University with a degree in Spanish and international relations, Allie began her teaching career in Baltimore. While teaching high school Spanish, she pursued a master’s degree in urban education at Johns Hopkins University. She then transitioned to teaching middle school Spanish at KIPP Ujima Village Academy in Baltimore. It was during her time at KIPP that she truly discovered her deep love of teaching and her greater purpose as a nurturer and facilitator of student learning, both inside the classroom as a teacher and outside of the classroom as a lacrosse coach. Allie also pursued a master’s degree in public school building administration from Teachers College to gain the knowledge and skills to effect change outside of the classroom. She was drawn to the program’s focus on mindfulness and self-awareness, and she credits her time there for her commitment to leadership centered in humanity and vulnerability. She was able to apply that learning as a grade level chair, instructional coach, and eventually as an assistant principal while serving the Park Heights community at Ujima.

After eight years in teaching and leading in Baltimore, Allie relocated to Los Angeles, where she had the privilege of serving as the assistant principal at Gabriella Charter School. She continues to lead with love and the belief that all kids have greatness within them. Allie is committed to dismantling the systems and structures in our schools and society that cause any students to see themselves as anything less, but especially those students from historically underserved communities.

Outside of work, you can find Allie exploring the many neighborhoods of Los Angeles with her husband and her dog, riding her bike along the beach, or spending time with friends and family.