Erin Howard

Improvement Partner

After graduating Trinity College in 2007, Erin joined Teach for America. Erin’s motivation to join Teach for America was driven by the educational disparity pervasive in Los Angeles, where she grew up. Her calling then, and now, is the same — to be an agent of change so that all students receive an empowering, joyous, and antiracist educational experience. 

Her two-year commitment with TFA took her to Ed and Verma Pastor Elementary School in Phoenix, where she taught fifth grade and earned a master’s degree in elementary education from Arizona State University.  

During her TFA experience, she realized that she still had much learning to do before being able to make a deep positive impact, so she joined Achievement First Bushwick Middle School in Brooklyn. At AFBMS, she taught fifth grade English language arts for five years before serving as an academic dean for seven years. In this role, she acted as an instructional coach, department lead, intervention lead, and member of the leadership team. Erin also had the privilege of coaching other middle school academic deans, unlocking for her a passion in partnering with other school leaders in pursuit of growth and improvement.

During her time as an ELA dean, Erin’s students and teachers achieved remarkable results. At the core of those results were antiracist, rigorous instruction and effective partnerships between teachers and leaders. Erin has a deep passion for coaching and supporting educators in reaching their potential and building their capacity. It is then that teachers create the conditions for students to thrive.  

Erin joined Partners in 2021 in hopes of continuing to be an agent of equity and school improvement. She is grateful that her educational journey brought her back to Los Angeles where she can actualize her hopes of addressing the opportunity gap in Los Angeles.  

Outside of work, Erin enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading and going to the beach to swim or play volleyball.

“What gives me hope is a simple truism. Once we lose hope, we are guaranteed to lose. But if we ignore the odds and fight to create an antiracist world, then we give humanity a chance to one day survive, a chance to live in communion, a chance to be forever free.” – Ibram Kendi