Jim McCue

Improvement Partner

Jim sees education as a pursuit and experience that lives all around us — one that requires trusted relationships, critical consciousness in service to and with others, and personalized, asset-based expression of self. He didn’t quite understand how all of these factors contributed to what it meant to be a learner — or, educator — until he became an algebra teacher and cross country coach in Canton, Mississippi.

After several years in the Magnolia State, he transitioned to Seattle to work as a community organizer in a small community of mostly East African immigrant and refugee families. Despite a deep love for and connection to the Pacific Northwest, he found a calling back to the classroom — spending the last two years as a progressive, project-based educator in San Diego. 

Jim received his B.S. in finance and B.A. in economics from Saint Joseph’s University, as well as a master of public administration from the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance. In his free time, he enjoys running the trails of the Wissahickon, cooking tasty vegetarian meals, and spending time with his family.

“Cease, cows, life is short.”  –Gabriel García Márquez