John Zachary

Design Partner

John has been with Partners since 2016, working to support a variety of schools, districts, and change agents in San Jose, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. John is passionate about uplifting student and community voice and supporting schools to intentionally dismantle systems of oppression and build strong systems of teacher collaboration. Prior to joining Partners, John taught government, economics, and U.S. history at Woodside High School in Newport News, Virginia and obtained his M.A. in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership from Stanford University. John is a proud Marylander who believes strongly that crabs should be steamed, not boiled, and can be found in his free time golfing, doing the New York Times crossword, or cheering on his beloved Washington Wizards.

To learn more about John’s work at Partners, please see Stories from the Field: Building Systems and Transformation Network: A Case Study.

“If the machine had a wish, it would be to be human. To know how it feels to feel, to hope, to despair, to wonder, to love. Machines can achieve immortality by not wearing out, but humans can achieve immortality simply by doing one great thing.” —Dante Ariola