Keith Schneider

Improvement Partner

After completing his bachelor’s degree in psychology, Keith began working in education in 2003 in South Florida, teaching Advanced Placement psychology and biology. After some time in the high school setting, he found his teaching niche in middle school at one of the top five schools in the state. Later, upon relocating to New York, he was taken aback by the disparities in education that he witnessed, which became the inspiration for the trajectory of the rest of his career. 

Soon, he moved beyond impacting his single classroom by taking on larger school roles, eventually working as a dean of curriculum and instruction in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. In that position, Keith coached math and science teachers around deepening rigor and changing educational outcomes for students across the school. 

He is enthusiastic about his work at Partners in School Innovation because it allows him to continue broadening his impact, ensuring equity for all students across networks of schools.

To see Keith discuss one of his projects at Partners, please see Stories from the Field: Collaboration.