L.C. Landfair, M.S.Ed.

Improvement Partner

L.C. is an educator, mentor, and advocate committed to shedding light on the racist deficit-perspectives prevalent in schools in low-income communities and communities that are largely Black and Brown, and replacing them with thriving classroom spaces wherein teachers build on their students’ assets.  

She started her teaching career as a literacy teacher, but upon noting the connection between math teaching and student achievement, L.C. pivoted to become a math teacher and coach. When advising fellow math educators, she consistently encouraged them to connect literacy and math.  

L.C. has always sought to have an impact beyond her school. For example, she has co-facilitated a city-wide town hall meeting on education and spoken at such meetings to advocate for students and parents/guardians in the midst of school closings.  

As the associate director of the Urban Teaching Apprenticeship Program (UTAP) at the University of Pennsylvania, L.C. led the modification of the teacher-mentoring structure and coursework redesign; brought in an on-staff counselor to support Black & Brown apprentice-teachers; led grant-writing; and planned and facilitated a series of professional development workshops on culturally-responsive pedagogy in order to better address, dissect, and remove implicit and explicit biases experienced in both field and course studies.  

L.C. obtained her M.S. in education in 2010 from the University of Pennsylvania, where she was a founding member of the university’s first symposium on race in education, “Breaking the Silence.” 

In her leisure time, L.C. enjoys writing poetry and music, singing, dancing, reading, completing crossword puzzles, and studying in the hope of becoming a contestant on “Jeopardy.” 

“Everything was so new—the whole idea of going into space was new and daring. There were no textbooks, so we had to write them.”  – Dr. Katherine Johnson