Noah M. Wager

Senior Improvement Partner

Noah M. Wager joins Partners in School Innovation as the Math Network Lead, after working in Philadelphia’s schools for over ten years as a math teacher, special educator, coach and administrator. He is passionate about all students having access to quality education. In math instruction and coaching, he works to make sure students understand concepts and ideas. He works to support teachers with his passion for purposeful planning and preparation, employing rich tasks that allow opportunities for students to value diverse thinking and engage in equitable discourse. To read how Noah makes this happen at Partners in School Innovation, please see Noah’s story, “We’re All Math People.”

He recently worked as a MathCounts Specialist for Carnegie Learning where he provided instructional coaching and led professional development on rigorous math instruction. As a Senior Lead Educator at Olney Charter High School, he revamped the math curriculum to reflect a higher alignment to the standards and shifts of the Common Core State Standards.

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Boston University, his master’s degree from Arcadia University and his principal certification through Philly PLUS.

When not working, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, running and baking.

“Mathematics is a cultural phenomenon; a set of ideas, connections, and relationships that we can use to make sense of the world. At its core, mathematics is about patterns. We can lay a mathematical lens upon the world, and when we do, we see patterns everywhere; and it is through our understanding of the patterns, developed through mathematical study, that new and powerful knowledge is created.” — Jo Boaler, author of Mathematical Mindsets