Partners in School Innovation was founded in 1993 to help urban schools and districts address their most pressing challenges.

Since that time, we have worked in 21 school districts in seven states spanning the coasts, the Midwest, and the South, benefiting more than one million students.

Our partner schools typically outperform similar schools in their districts by substantial margins — particularly among African American, Latino, and English learner students.

This success stems from using tools and processes that we have refined over many years, including:

  • An assessment of progress toward implementing best practices in school and district transformation
  • A continuous improvement method known as the Results-Oriented Cycle of Inquiry (ROCI)
  • A theory of action — i.e., hypotheses about root causes of underperformance, and proposed solutions
  • Schoolwide professional learning plans
  • Protocols for making student data actionable for teachers and leaders
  • Support for professional learning communities across schools and roles
  • Capacity building for instructional leadership teams
  • Development of robust professional learning systems including coaching, collaboration, and professional development
  • Support for understanding how race, class, culture, gender, and power dynamics in our society negatively affect students of color